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New Vat Challan
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The Punjab Excise & Taxation department introduced a new combined Vat Challan (FORM VAT 2) w.e.f. 1-Jan-2012. We are now required to submit a single challan for payment of VAT, PMF and PMIDF.

To print challan open 'VAT Reports' and click on 'F4: Challans' in 'Input Information for VAT Returns' window as shown below:


Note: In new version you cannot make any change in payment grid.

After clicking on 'F4: Challans', following screen shall appear:

This screen is divided in 4 parts as shown in the above screen.

In the above screen you are required to fill amount of VAT and Surcharge separately as shown in Part 2. Amount of VAT shall be bifurcated into two parts (90% VAT & 10% PMF). Further amount of surcharge shall be bifurcated into two parts (80% VAT & 20% PMIDF).

To save the payments for the purpose of VAT Return you must fill Cheque No. and Date in the prompts shown in Part 4.

Challan information can be Saved, Previewed and printed by clicking on relevant button from Bottom Button Bar.