Visual Catpro

1.       I want to print only debit entries of a statement of account. How could I do this?
          To view debit entries click 'F7:Others' -> 'Filter' option.

2.       I am looking at Account Statement of a party.  I want to make payment of 4 bills which are in consecutive rows. Is there a way to get total of these rows?
          Just highlight the required rows. You will get the totals of highlighted rows.

3.       While giving transport name in additional information, I have mentioned the same transport with different spellings. Can I merge them?
          Facility to merge transport names is available through mass transfer of entries in account statement You need to check the check box against the prompt: 'Merge Transport Names'.

4.       When I see A/c statement I get monthly consolidated entries of sales. I include Sales entries in transfer column Cash book. Can I print individual entries in sales A/c.?
        Yes. There is a setting in statement of A/c under 'General' category namely 'Sales Register Entries of General Account' mark it as 'Every Entry'.  You may show individual entries in your statement of account.

5.       While making data entry, we can view statement of A/c by pressing "/", which I find very convenient. Is this facility available in any other module?
          You may press "/" to view A/c in most of the modules where no data is entered/modified. There is a specific indication in red label of master strip. Account name in red label starts with "A/c" where this facility is available.

6.       How can I print monthly summary of account?
          Monthly summary of an account can be printed by clicking on 'Summary' button, which is just above the statement of account. After clicking it prompts you to select Daily, Monthly, Quarterly option. Select the desired option.

7.       Our bills are posted from invoice module. In case of Some parties bills are posted as On account entries and in some of the parties they are marked with bill no. as reference name for bill wise adjustment. Why some bills are posted as on account entries?
          Marking of reference is based upon billwise adjustment style opted by you for the relevant party in FAMaster. If you have specified 'Yes' against 'Bill Wise Adjustment', the entries are marked with bill no as reference. Other wise they are posted as on account entries.

8.       F3 / F4 keys are provided in A/c statement to move in previous / next year A/c statement. Is there are any other keys available to do this?
          Yes. You may use left/right arrow keys to move into next/previous year. While viewing ledger, you may use "<" and ">" keys (with or without shift) to move into next/previous A/c.

9.       What is Ctrl+Shift+D shortcut key while viewing statement of A/c?
CTRL+D allows you to open voucher updation module of the selected accounting year whereas CTRL+SHIFT+D allows you to open the voucher updation module of the accounting year for  which the statement of account is being viewed. This enables you to make data entry for a year other than the selected financial year.
Suppose you have selected the financial year 2009-2010. After opening an account statement, press 'F3' to view the previous year i.e. 2008-2009. Press 'Ctrl+Shift+D'  to open voucher updation module for financial year 2008-2009.

10.     How can I print balance confirmation letter?
To print balance confirmation letter, click on 'F7: Others' -> 'Confirmation Letter'. You will be now prompted to select 'Balance Confirmation' letter or 'A/c confirmation' letter. You may now Preview/Print the confirmation letter by clicking on 'F8:Preview' / 'F9:Print'.
11.     How can I print To/By with narrations in A/c Statement?
Mark 'Yes' against 'Print To / By with Narration' Setting in Account Statement.

12.     How can I on the warning messages, if I have mismatching of opening balances with other years?
Mark 'Yes' against 'Show O.Balance Mismatch Warning' Setting in Account Statement.